Youfre great, Dave!
Have you already heard "Full Circle"?

The music which Dave ever wrote in his musical history was roughly divided into two kinds. One is long composition in suite form which includes many solos, for example gFor Richardh, gNine feet undergroundh and gThe dabsong conshirtoeh. The other one is short music filled with beautiful melody, such as gOf Carolineh, gSally donft change ith and gThe show of our livesh. The music of g
Full Circleh is the latter type. This is the collection of great melodies which everyone can sing.
All of these songs have beautiful melodies. All arrangements were very cool ! Perhaps some people say gWe miss Davefs distorted Hammond organh, but I think it is not important. Because Dave never forgets to write beautiful melodies, it is the most important thing for his music. The featured singers are Roxane, Richard Sinclair, Jim Leverton, Hannele, Naomi and Felicia and they showed the best. Especially for Roxane, what a good singer she is! Itfs hard to believe that this is the first official recording ! Needless to say Richard Sinclair and Jim Leverton are also great singers. As a result, the songs in "Full Circle" are rich in variety and they will attract many people.
My best tracks are gWithout youh, gThat dayh, gSanctih and gPeace in timeh. Especially gPeace in timeh is one of the best tune Dave ever wrote. Sometimes I canft help keep from crying when I hear this beautiful song. What more can I say to such a beautiful one!
I am sure that this CD will be a masterpiece in near future ! it must be one of the best in 2000fs music scene.
Again I say, youfre great Dave!
Reviewer : Yutaka Masuda, a Japanese guy who lives in Tokyo city. Japan